Kamu* is always looking for humble, hungry, razor-sharp people who live and breathe gaming and technology. And when we find them, we show them the love with entrepreneurial freedom and plenty of room for action and kicking ass. *I know we sound Hawaiian, but Kamu actually means "buddy" in Finnish.

We want to be the best and nicest place for the most talented people to work, learn and grow. So we embrace people who dare to see things differently, who aren't afraid to experiment, and who have a healthy disregard for rules and constraints.

Today our team is 29 people strong. We’re an interesting and accomplished group representing over 12 nationalities. We’re parents of small kids, people living the bachelor life, seniors with years of experience and young beginners with mad coding skills.

Together, we’re creating the tools and technology the world needs for fair, fun and beautiful gaming experiences - and having a whole lot of good times along the way.


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Team Culture

You’re going to work with some really, really smart people at Kamu. But guess what? They’re not just smart, they’re also fun, supportive and just all-around awesome!


We’re a totally flat organization, which means no one’s going to tell you what to do or how to do your job. You know that better than anyone, boss!


Are you a morning person or a night owl? Either way, work whenever you want with super flexible hours. Be your best self; No rules.


Sweet office space in a cool, easy-to-get to location. Plus we’ve got an (hypoallergenic) office dog to keep you warm in the winter.

Salary Plan

We know, you’re in this for the love of gaming, not for the money. Even so, we’ll help make sure you can live a healthy and happy life with a competitive salary and option plans.

Health Care

We’ve got your back with private health & dental care plans, plus subsidized office gym and sauna.


We’ll help you grow yourself and your career with training, courses and conference trips

Social Events

Colleagues that play together stay together! So get ready for game nights, drink nights, sports and waaaaay more!

We're in Helsinki, Finland

Ranked as one of the best cities to live in the world.

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